Welcome to Boudoir Photography (Kim’s Version)

I am absolutely thrilled to kick off my boudoir photography website. (Special shoutout to Jon Pasquariello of Photography Web Designs) This has been a long time coming. Even before I consciously knew that I wanted to take my business in this direction, there were signs that pointed me here.

Since I opened my photography business in 2017, I have loved uplifting women in any way I can. My focus has been family photography, but there were always moments during a session when I could capture the true essence of a woman in all her different roles, whether it be as a wife, mother, daughter, or sister.

Additionally, I collaborated with author and life coach, Emily Silva, and together we formed Project Inner Goddess. The idea behind it was to combine our services and give women a meaningful and empowering experience. The photo sessions I was able to do with these women felt so powerful. They had to get comfortable being out in the open on their own, without the comfort of hiding behind family members. It was raw and vulnerable, but so empowering. I loved guiding them through these sessions.

Fast forward a few years and I worked with Emily again when she celebrated a milestone birthday and wanted to document this new chapter in her life with images. We did her photo session on the beach and had so much fun doing it. She felt uncomfortable at certain points, but I was able to remind her to stand in her power and just breathe. The images that came out of her session were some of my favorites to date. Following that one, I did a couple more milestone birthday photo sessions for other women until a big moment came.

A friend was visiting from out of town for a conference and we decided to do a boudoir photo session at her hotel room. Even though I had never done this type of photo session, it felt completely natural to me. Everything just flowed and it really lit a fire in me that hadn’t been there before. It felt amazing to help empower my friend in this way. And this is when it officially began. Since then, I’ve had a string of boudoir photo sessions and I’m finding there is a lot of interest in it from so many women.

My style of boudoir photography is uniquely different. I’m not creating images for women for their partners (which is still a wonderful perk of course, just not my focus). I’m creating these images for the women themselves… to empower them, to embrace their beauty, to feel confident in their bodies. I am creating art when I do these sessions. I borrow from all my years of experience in photographing people and then put it into these sessions to create more than just something that looks sexy. I’m creating a feeling. I’m eliciting emotions that women will carry on, far beyond their time in my studio.

I can’t wait to serve more women in this way. If you’re at all thinking about a session or know you’d like to book one, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Hope to see you in my studio soon!


Honoring the feminine experience by creating photographic fine art to transform and empower women. 

You wear countless hats – wife, mother, sister, daughter, boss, friend. And sometimes you crave a moment to remove them all and just remember who you are at your divine core… a woman with grace, beauty, and confidence. But you’re busy and the days roll by. You’ve been through a lot. And it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost part of your identity. I see you and I’m here to give you permission to take time for yourself, to be present in your own skin, to be sexy and sensual, confident and empowered, but most importantly, permission to simply be the BEST version of yourself. You deserve that. You deserve to be seen, to be the main character in your story, to be celebrated.