Honoring the feminine experience by creating photographic fine art to transform and empower women.

You wear countless hats – wife, mother, sister, daughter, boss, friend. And sometimes you crave a moment to remove them all and just remember who you are at your divine core… a woman with grace, beauty, and confidence. But you’re busy and the days roll by. You’ve been through a lot. And it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost part of your identity. I see you and I’m here to give you permission to take time for yourself, to be present in your own skin, to be sexy and sensual, confident and empowered, but most importantly, permission to simply be the BEST version of yourself. You deserve that. You deserve to be seen, to be the main character in your story, to be celebrated. 

Pacific Beach Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Photography, woman sitting on pink scallop chair pulling up tights
Boudoir Photography, Woman in pink fluffy robe laying on bed
Boudoir Photography, Woman in white corset top on her knees on a bed

"She needed a warrior and a hero, so she became both."

What is Boudoir Photography?

I’m not bound by traditional thought of how boudoir should look. I don’t define boudoir by what you wear or by specific poses. It’s about a woman being free in her own body. What she wears and how she positions her body are simply representations of that freedom. I’m here to help you define what it is for yourself and to create a safe space for you to be vulnerable. What results is a new appreciation and empowered perspective of your body. 

Why should I get it?

For the feeling – There are very few times in life when you can fully immerse yourself into a luxury experience that will leave you feeling empowered, confident, and beautiful. This is one of those times. And the feeling doesn’t stay contained within the session because you will have print products that will serve as a booster of this feeling anytime you view them.

For the legacy – When we’re kids, our parents take photos of us to mark special occasions – birthdays, sports events, school dances, graduations, the list goes on. We have so many celebratory moments when we’re young. That doesn’t stop when we become adults. We continue to have big moments, but for some reason, the photos stop. There are birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, new jobs, landing that big corporate deal, starting families, surviving huge life challenges, overcoming obstacles. You may have photos of yourself with family and friends marking these moments in time, but for your own legacy, you deserve to see yourself in photos that are of just you, celebrating you, reminding you and generations to come that you lived your life beautifully. 


"There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

Boudoir Photography, Woman laying on the floor with her legs up on a couch
Boudoir Photography, Woman in lingerie standing next to a window
Boudoir Photography, woman in purple lingerie with back to the camera and hands in her hair
Boudoir Photography, Woman laying on bed wearing a black bra with legs crossed on wall


What I know for sure is that this luxury experience is an investment that carries long term dividends. This is not an ordinary photo session where you pose for photos, get your digital images, and life carries on as normal. This is a moment in time that will leave an imprint on your soul. Not only will the experience positively impact your life and those around you, but you will have the heirloom fine art products to remind you of your confidence, beauty, and power for many years to come. 

"By far one of my favorite shoots to date! The energy Kim created on set allowed me to drop right in- I felt completely at ease & comfortable with her guidance behind the lens. She even had a super sultry playlist that matched the mood of the shoot perfectly. 10/10 would recommend, whether you’ve been modeling for years or are brand new, Kim will make you feel like your most sensual self."
- Kalyne

“The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.”

Let 's Connect

Years from now, you won’t regret doing a boudoir session, but you may regret not getting one. I am always happy to help and answer any questions you may have about your boudoir session.

"I loved working with you!! You made it extremely fun and comfortable. I love that you had a lot of wonderful ideas and allowed me to bring my own ideas as well. Thank you for being super patient as well, as I am not a natural poser. I loved how the photos turned out! You made me feel like I’m in my beautiful, sexy era!"
- Jennifer

Boudoir Photography for Pacific Beach and Surrounding Areas