Included with every Boudoir Session – Personalized Style Consultation

Meet Alma!

Headshot of woman in San Diego Boudoir studio

With every boudoir session you book with me, you have an entire female-based team to support you. After we have your session scheduled on the books, you will set up an appointment to meet with my professional stylist for a custom style and color consultation. She will help find the best looks for your body type and skin tone. Finding something to wear that flatters your exact body type can be challenging, which is why I have recruited Alma Swanson, who will help you achieve your best look.

The Studio

Q: Where is your studio located and what is it like?

A:  My studio address is at Image Consultant Personal Stylist 4761 Boise Avenue, San Diego CA 9117 on Google Maps. It’s located at the back of my cozy home in the Clairemont area. It is modern, bright, and all-white with nice artwork that relates to Image consulting. It looks out onto my garden which is very pretty and has views across the canyon.

The Process

Q: And then, what does your process look like when a boudoir client walks into your studio?

A: I welcome her with a huge smile. Then I take from her hands anything that she has brought with her to discuss. Following that, I ask her if she would like to use the restroom. I’ll offer her some spring water still or sparkling. Then, I walk her to the studio. She sits in a lovely comfortable armchair, while I sit on a tiny stool, and we start to chat.

I walk her through a questionnaire, which helps her gain clarity about what she needs from the consultation. The process is finding her skin undertone and finding the look she desires for the Boudoir session. I have simple effective tools that I use for the consultation.

The Takeaways

Q: What are the top things you want clients to walk away with after your consult with them?

A: 1) Certainty, she will know what her skin temperature is, this is valuable for her choices.

    2) Confidence, she will have clarity in knowing what to wear.

    3) Knowledge, she now knows where to come and who to ask for real honest advice.

She will leave the studio with some printouts of colors that will work well with her skin tone and how to use them, I keep this current to what she can find in stores now, and templates of garments that will compliment her shape.

The Expertise

Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: I started my Image Consulting business where I lived for almost 3 decades in Milan, Italy in 2011, I moved to beautiful San Diego in 2016 and hit the ground running continuing where I left off there. Additionally, I have been a member of the prestigious AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) since 2011 as well.

The Fun

Q: Can you tell us anything more that you’d like my boudoir clients to know?

A: I used to dance Burlesque as a hobby in Milan, taking lessons at a school there for a few years. I used to be M.C. for the teacher at her shows. It was so much fun and I had a blast. Because of that, I have a huge collection of those outfits. Also, I worked at a French Lingerie store in La Jolla, so I continued collecting lingerie, robes, feather slippers etc. I’d want them to know that I’m kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and fun. They will leave me feeling happy I promise!

I had my own consultation with Alma and really can’t recommend her enough. She is very knowledgeable and has a deep background in helping women look and feel their best, which is why I wanted to partner with her. She has a warm and inviting personality and I think she is going to help set the tone for my clients to have a beautiful photo session with me.


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You wear countless hats – wife, mother, sister, daughter, boss, friend. And sometimes you crave a moment to remove them all and just remember who you are at your divine core… a woman with grace, beauty, and confidence. But you’re busy and the days roll by. You’ve been through a lot. And it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost part of your identity. I see you and I’m here to give you permission to take time for yourself, to be present in your own skin, to be sexy and sensual, confident and empowered, but most importantly, permission to simply be the BEST version of yourself. You deserve that. You deserve to be seen, to be the main character in your story, to be celebrated.