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Birthday Suit Boudoir Shoot

When kids are young, they run around in their birthday suits like it’s no big deal. And then at some point along the way, we start feeling a little self-conscious about it. As adults, women become even more self-conscious about it. It may also carry along feelings of embarrassment or disappointment. But there is truly so much beauty in the body, and for all that it has carried you through… whether it’s been through childbirth, or physical trauma, physically demanding work, illness, or just the whole aging process, it should be celebrated.

So what better way to celebrate than a Birthday Suit Boudoir Shoot?! In this shoot, your body is the blank canvas in which we get to create only art that is truly unique to you. And it is truly art that we create. I have fabrics in my studio that we can use for your images. I play with the light, both natural and artificial, to create different effects that will highlight your body in different ways. And I use the natural shapes of your body to create art in ways that you’ve never seen your body in before.

This photo session is FOR YOU and BY YOU. My hope is for every woman to take advantage of this one valuable lifetime they get, live their best life, and celebrate all their wins at every opportunity they can. I can promise you this will be a unique experience and you’ll come out of it feeling even more confident and beautiful in your own body.

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For So Many Reasons

A Birthday Suit Birthday Shoot is perfect for celebrating another trip around the sun. But there are many reasons for this type of shoot. It can be to celebrate that major career milestone you’ve achieved, or to celebrate a big wedding anniversary. Maybe you’ve just recovered from a major health condition. And you have a new lease on life and want to celebrate every precious minute you have on this Earth.


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Perhaps it’s because you just survived a horrible divorce, or you’ve been on a weight loss journey, and you want to celebrate your progress. Or even yet, you’ve been on a spiritual journey and really want to mark this moment and season of your life. This session honors all of that. Whatever the reason, it is good enough and YOU are good enough, so document this moment. Document the feeling.

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Visual Reminders

When you look at these images, you’ll be reminded of your strength and confidence. You’ll remember why you were there, celebrating YOU and what you’ve achieved or have overcome. This experience pays huge dividends, far beyond the actual experience you’ll have in my studio during your session. It is the closest thing to being able to bottle up a good emotion and feeling and re-living it at a later time.

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Just do it!

Do it for yourself. Do it for your legacy. If you’re ready to book, or even just want more information, let’s chat! I can meet with you over the phone, Zoom, or even in-person at my studio in downtown San Diego. Schedule your phone consult now and we can go from there!

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What’s great about having a studio is the versatility you have with what you can photograph in it. All different subjects for all different genres. So for a special treat, I have a fellow photographer who is a Scotland commercial photographer, and she has written a post about a commercial product photoshoot for a plant shop that she recently did. Check it out!


Honoring the feminine experience by creating photographic fine art to transform and empower women. 

You wear countless hats – wife, mother, sister, daughter, boss, friend. And sometimes you crave a moment to remove them all and just remember who you are at your divine core… a woman with grace, beauty, and confidence. But you’re busy and the days roll by. You’ve been through a lot. And it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost part of your identity. I see you and I’m here to give you permission to take time for yourself, to be present in your own skin, to be sexy and sensual, confident and empowered, but most importantly, permission to simply be the BEST version of yourself. You deserve that. You deserve to be seen, to be the main character in your story, to be celebrated.