About Me

Meet your San Diego Boudoir Photographer 

My Inspiration. 

Empowered women inspire me. They always have. When I was a kid, I was shy and didn’t have much of a voice. I admired the women who could articulate so eloquently how they felt and what they thought. I eventually found my voice and I believe every woman has this capacity, but sometimes it’s buried far beneath the surface. These photo sessions allow me to draw that out of you, to help empower you, to remind you of how strong, confident, and resilient you are. 

My belief. 

I believe empowered women naturally empower other women. It’s as if they give unwritten permission to them. It’s a chain and I love the ripple effect that a boudoir session has. When a woman feels her worth and accepts herself, this power affects her immediate circle. The impact can be huge, like the butterfly effect. It goes far beyond my studio walls. 

My background. 

I started my photography business in 2017, as a family photographer. I loved capturing emotive, candid moments between families. I also photographed couples and motherhood sessions. I even photographed milestone birthdays for individual women. What I realized was how much I loved empowering women, no matter what type of session… I loved empowering them as a woman, as a mother, as a wife. The evolution to boudoir happened naturally and it absolutely fits that I now specialize in this genre. 

My downtime. 

When I’m not in my downtown studio, I’m usually juggling life as a wife and mama of 3 kids. You can usually find me at the dojo where my 3 kids and I take martial arts, or in a dance studio, where I love taking hip hop and burlesque dance classes. The dance classes allow me to embrace how my body is and how it moves. I love that the burlesque ones allow me to tap into a raw feminine energy. There is a natural flow to it and I think that’s why it feels so natural for me to guide my clients and pour into them a soft, feminine energy. 

"Kim is the most amazing photographer. Not only is she fun and makes you feel comfortable, but she has a way of empowering you and making you feel beautiful in your own skin. It’s more than a photo session, it’s a therapeutic session that allows you to embrace your womanhood boldly and beautifully which she captures in her lens. Do it! I promise you won’t regret it."
- Meena